YOU: Who knows which hemp-based products work best?

Your body: um, hello?

Your body will be communicating plenty of opinions on how well our products work. We suggest you take it all in, one drop, one capsule or one rub of salve at a time.

From naturally breeding our proprietary hemp plant over the past 20 years to our hand-pressed infusion, our team’s passion (no, make that obsession) will keep creating the most potent hemp oil of its kind anywhere on Earth.

Somebody’s obsession meets Your Body’s needs.

That somebody is our Chief Science Officer, Tim Gordon. His infectious enthusiasm for the healing properties of hemp and the pioneering of the genetics that shape them is what ensures that each of our products have the ideal balance of phytonutrients and terpenes that best serve your body’s individual needs.

Our President Dr. Steven Kraus brings passion and business insight from over 3 decades in the medical industry that also helps us better individualize our products. And our Compliance Officer Maureen West is an expert on all things regulatory in order to make sure that we’re setting industry standards now through sustainable practices, obsessive testing and refining.

From Farm-to-Lab-to-Bottle that obsession touches literally everything. To make sure that you get the answer you want from the only real authority that matters: Your body.

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