Executives are Finding Hemp Oil a Healthful Ally

In today’s working world we ask a lot of ourselves. We’re up early, juggling a multitude of tasks, trying to connect with our partners and children, and then off to client meetings and managing teams of people in the office. By the end of the day we are bleary-eyed, and by the end of the week, rest is dearly needed. Many executives are finding full-spectrum hemp oil to be a helper in relieving some of the stresses in their daily lives.


What is Hemp Oil and How is it Created?

In December 2018, Congress passed the new Farm Bill that included legalizing Industrial/Agricultural hemp in all 50 States. Agricultural/Industrial hemp is classified as the non-psychoactive Cannabis sativa plant. Agricultural hemp is a remarkable plant that contains over 100 different phytonutrients and phytocannabinoids. Hemp oil is derived from this plant, and Synchronicity produces full-spectrum, pure hemp oil using superior methods, ensuring the best quality for all of our hemp oil products.


Harsh extraction processes requiring some combination of high pressure (CO2), high heat, and chemical solvents to strip the hemp cells of the many beneficial Phyto-compounds and potentially leave behind residual solvents. We spent years developing our proprietary lipid infusion process that preserves natural cellular bonds and yields phytonutrient-rich, full-spectrum hemp oil that’s especially efficacious.


Lipid infusion is a unique, gentle, low-heat process that uses cellular bonding to infuse the active beneficial phytocompounds of the whole hemp plant with a lipid (usually coconut or MCT oil) while preserving the integrity of the plant molecules and making them bioavailable. This is why lipid-infused hemp oils deliver an “True Entourage EffectTM” because they use the whole plant and not just a single isolate molecule. Additionally, Synchronicity’ plants consistently produce 4-times more phytonutrients than competitors (verified by third-party lab testing). The combination of our nutrient-rich hemp plants and our proprietary whole plant process delivers hemp oil unmatched by any company on the market.

How Does Hemp Oil Offer Support?

Our super busy, over-stimulated lives can drive our bodies out of balance. We may find we are more anxious, stressed, have sore necks and hands from heavy computer use, trouble with our digestion and catching all kinds of colds. Also, our ability to have sustained mental focus could be compromised.


Full-spectrum hemp oils are well suited to help nourish one of the least known but most important systems in our bodies that help maintain equilibrium so that we can live a more even-keeled life. This system is the Endocannabinoid system (ECS). The main function of the ECS is helping the body maintain harmony. When we ingest hemp oil or use a topical salve, the chemical compounds, which are called cannabinoids, act directly on our cannabinoid receptors, which reside throughout our bodies. The Endocannabinoid system plays a vital role in our physiology, helping to regulate things such as pain reception, appetite, moods, memory, and our immune system.


It’s thought that when the body lacks endocannabinoids, it suffers from what’s called a “cannabinoid deficiency.” This deficiency can disrupt the body’s natural homeostasis. When we’re out of balance we enjoy our lives less and are less able to do our work clearly and efficiently. Adding high-quality hemp oil to our daily diets may help benefit our Endocannabinoid system by amplifying what’s already occurring naturally inside us. Safe methods that move people away from some kinds of pharmaceutical medications that have challenging side effects offer a more holistic way towards wellness and vitality.

What Products Do Synchronicity Offer?

  • Synchronicity Hemp Tincture in 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg bottles.
  • Synchronicity Capsules in 10mg, 25mg and 50mg
  • Synchronicity Nourishing Hemp Salve that contains 500mg Hemp Phytonutrients per 1/2 oz. twist tube.


We recommend using our Hemp Tincture or Nourishing Hemp Salve topically on your skin to aid in quick active relief. If you’re looking for longer-term support, you might try our Hemp Capsules taken orally every day. You may find even more benefit from taking these products in combination, creating a more synergistic effect.

You can explore all of our product offerings at our online store.

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