The head part of Your Body has questions.

We have answers.

This emerging hemp oil industry can feel like a tsunami of choices that is awash in myth with a splash of nonsense. Which means that right now, your brain is telling your hand to scratch your head in confusion. So, here’s a nice blast of clarity to help you and the rest of your body wade through it all:

Hemp Oil is not the same as products labelled “CBD”. Not even close.

Hemp Oil products use the whole hemp plant to deliver higher levels of phytonutrients.

Our patent-pending LipdTrans™ process of lipid infusion and hand pressing maximizes those benefits all the more.

Still, many CBD brands misrepresent the difference. Regard with caution.

Hemp Oil is legal in all 50 states.

You will not get “high” from Hemp Oil.

Only You and Your Body know what works best for you.

Spoiler Alert: You won’t be the only one communicating with Your Body.

Human beings and hemp plants share nearly 40% of the same genomes. So, by using our nutrient-rich plant genome, extremely precise genetics and a superior process of extraction we leverage that association and end up with the world’s most nutrient-dense hemp plants. A Hemp Oil that is painstakingly formulated to work in perfect sync with your body chemistry. A formulation that– quite literally–speaks your body’s language. We think your body will like what it hears.

Advantage: Synchronicity

Still have questions?

The head part of Your Body may still have questions. We’ve got you covered. Get another blast of clarity on topics like the History Of Hemp, How To Make Hemp Oil A Part Of Your Daily Routine, and oh so many more.

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