Hemp oil is now for sale all over the internet along with an increasing number of stores, shops, and even gas stations. With all the opportunities to buy hemp oil out there, how do we know what quality we’re getting? The simple answer is RESEARCH! In this blog post, we’re going to download you with even more knowledge about what to look for in your research so you know you’re getting the best hemp oil available. To get into the essentials of understanding how to select hemp oil, see our blog post Options to Consider When Looking at Hemp Oil for Sale.

I Want the Best vs. I’m on a Budget

We all want the best we can get for our money. That said, some of us are more of the connoisseur type and some of us are more frugal-minded. Either way, gaining a good understanding of what you’re planning to purchase will help you feel good about what you buy. First off, when we work with a high-quality product, we may not need the same amount as we do of a low-quality product to achieve the same effect, and this can affect what you spend over the long term. This is due to the nutrient density of a product. In this blog post, we want to describe the factors that lead to a nutrient-dense, high-quality product so you feel informed when researching hemp oil for sale to determine which is the best hemp oil for you.  

Farm To Bottle – Know the Whole Process

From the plants used to farming and processing practices, we can learn a lot about the quality of hemp oil for sale and how to discern what is the best hemp oil. However, this information is not always available. This is likely due to the fact that retailers may not even know these details themselves, or the facts themselves may not be very appealing to consumers. Let’s run through some of the steps from Farm to Bottle in order to ensure you’re getting the best hemp oil.

Farming hemp for hemp oil is going on in Europe and the US. The most common plants in Europe are industrial hemp plants farmed on a large scale, planted and harvested by tractors and machines. These plants are often very large stalked, have smaller flowers, and are CO2 extracted. This extracted product is then condensed and sent to product development teams around the world pretty inexpensively. The producers create an item such as oil or powder labeled “hemp” for consumers. The origination of the plants, farming practices, and quality details are not made clear to the consumer. It’s also quite possible that the consumer is paying unfair prices because of claims of expertise and quality that are overstated.  

Conversely, there are a number of farms in US states, such as Colorado and Kentucky, who are highly involved from the start. These farms intentionally produce crops with beautiful, healthy, nutrient-rich flowers, that are sustainably grown. This allows a greater amount of control over what’s produced and ensures the product is of a high standard. We like to call this being “vertically integrated” and it’s a great thing to include in your research of hemp oil for sale.

Synchronicity – A True Farm-to-Bottle Company

Synchronicity is considered a true Farm-to-Bottle producer. With decades of experience in the hemp industry, Synchronicity performs extensive research and growing trials in order to understand the various varieties of plants and the science involved in how they work. Synchronicity runs its own sustainable farm that’s producing incredibly nutrient-rich plants for their product line. The Lipid Infusion process has been carefully selected based on a scientific understanding of how the active ingredients are made available to the body.

The full spectrum of compounds from the whole plant is used in Synchronicity products, as they’re believed to be more effectively processed by the endocannabinoid system. With over 80 cannabinoids in nature, this means more opportunity for benefits from the compounds available in the whole plant vs. a single compound extraction on its own.  

A lipid infusion process and coconut carrier-oil process has also been employed by Synchronicity. Research has shown that the human endocannabinoid system is best able to absorb fat. Coconut oil is a healthy fat, superior to other oils on the market, such as olive, jojoba, or grapeseed oil. While the lipid infusion process is more expensive than other extraction methods, its ability to produce a higher-quality product is the key factor in choosing this process.

Synchronicity is fortunate to be able to offer consumers products coming from years of passion and research using lipid infusion for a full-spectrum product that is not from concentrate. Our products are clean and straightforward – grown naturally and infused in small batches in Colorado. Our hemp extract products are high-quality and nutrient-dense, delivered in a high-quality coconut carrier oil.   

Whether you’re a connoisseur or a frugal-minded buyer, you’re now ready to seek out the best hemp oil on the market by researching where the product comes from and how it’s produced. You can be certain you’ll get high-quality products from Synchronicity, as we absolutely love overseeing every step of the process from the Farm to the Bottle.

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