Body knows best.

Your body will have plenty of opinions on which product best answers your individual needs. We suggest you take it all in, one drop, one capsule or one rub of salve at a time. Synchronicity is here to support your exploration with a wide range of perfectly crafted whole-plant, full-spectrum hemp oil products. Every body is unique – find your body’s perfect remedy today.


Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil 500mg Tincture – 30mL


Add our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil tinctures to your favorite beverage or take them on their own for a healthful whole plant boost that’s so much more than CBD.
Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules – 30 Count


Enjoy the powerful effects of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil with our convenient, on the go capsules. Choose between 25 mg and 50 mg to find the perfect dose for your body.


Body Butter

Elevate your beauty routine with our luxurious, hemp-infused body butter. It’s made from beautiful botanicals, essential oils, and Vitamin E.

Body Lotion

Keep your skin nourished and well-hydrated while tapping into the power of whole plant Hemp Oil and its naturally occurring compounds like CBD.

Body Oil

Massage in our rich, hemp-infused body oil for softer skin and a relaxing end to your day. It’s a balancing blend of essential oils and our signature Hemp Oil.

Facial Cream

Give your skincare routine a radiant, hemp powered glow with our Full-Spectrum facial cream. Apply morning or night for the ultimate in holistic beauty.

Sports Balm

Soothe sore and tired muscles and bring relief to stiff joints with our Hemp Oil sports balm. It’s packed with CBD and all of hemp’s hard-working compounds.

Youth Serum

Reveal bright, youthful skin with an anti-aging serum that’s enriched with Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, brilliant botanicals, and cutting edge skin science.



Slow the pace of daily life with a stress-busting blend of hemp and essential oils. Use with a diffuser or add to a bath for a fragrant, spa-like escape.